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rev black

Challenge Every Internet Artist LIVE

Rev. Black and the other one
rev black
I wanted to draw the CEIAL mascot Rev. Black. Would you like to try your hand at it?
Rev. BlackCollapse )

whatever the hell this isCollapse )
really wasn't thinking about what sort of animal he is, but with his nearly non-existent ears I think he's a seal.

Tags Tags Tags!
art work sokka
Hello ALL THREE current members. Thanks for joining. I am hoping our numbers swell, because that's the only way this community is going to be any fun. I just created some tags that I am hoping will cover most of the basics. If you have a suggestion for a tag please let me know. I think that I want to have control of those, which is why I am not letting that part be open to everyone. Otherwise we might end up with re-dundant tags, and tags that make no sense at all.

If any of you three, or four want to take up a challenge. I challenge YOU to draw a bird, any bird you want to. Or a picture that at least contains a bird. It has to have a bird okay.

Into Post and FIRST EVAR challenge
art work sokka
Hello all, welcome to Challenge Every Internet Artist....LIVE!
Please see "user info" for complete rules.
I've been playing with the idea of this community for a long long time, but just plain didn't try to make it until now. The idea of this community is to challange other artists to draw people, animals, places, thing...anything you can think of. Just ask away and see who picks up the challange. This is not a place to sell or buy art. It's also unmoderated.

Since this community is brand new, I will be making changes slowly over time, like creating a mood theme. For right now it's just basic stuff.

Someone will post with an art challange. For example: I want everyone to draw a picture of Scooby-Doo! Or...draw me purdy flowers, please. Or, I really want to see what you think the inside of a spider looks like. Then all the artists who want to take up your challange will (give them time) post their drawing, preferably in the comments section, but it's okay if they post them later as a stand alone post. Please, if you do this, at least refer to the post you are responding to.

Whenever applicable put adult drawings behind a cut with a NSFW (not safe for work) warning.

I am going to make this first one easy. Post for us your favorite drawing of your own so far in the comments,but if you're super anxious to actually draw something NEW....I want to challange you to draw a car...any car. GO!

Here's one of my favorite drawings I've done recently.